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Disgust As Deity

by Blattella

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released October 1, 2014




all rights reserved


Blattella South Carolina

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Track Name: Transcendent
Flee this body
One with the cosmos
Of neglect and filth
We are alone here
Writhing in our illusions
Freedom is in death (moksha)
Freedom is only found in death (moksha)
Track Name: Death As Teacher / KATHA 5-8
"⁵ When a person lacks discrimination
And his mind is undisciplined, the senses
Run hither and thither like wild horses.
⁶ But they obey the rein like trained horses
When one has discrimination and
Has made the mind one-pointed. ⁷ Those who lack
Discrimination, with little control
Over their thoughts and far from pure,
Reach not the pure state of immortality
But wander from death to death; ⁸ but those
Who have discrimination, with a still mind
And a pure heart, reach journey’s end,
Never again to fall into the jaws of death."
Track Name: Of Glorious Neck
I’ll end your suffering
I’ll end your pain
I’ll end your suffering
I’ll end your pain
I’ll end your suffering
I’ll end your fucking pain

I am the god who will break the cycle
I am the god who will save your worthless soul
I am the god who will bring you to death
I am Lord Shiva and I am I
Forever until the end of time
Track Name: The Primal Being
The Primal being
Is one of clout
His carnal forces drive
His needs
His wants
His eternity
He is His own
The god of Himself
And, the hatred of that Self
Is His idol
The Disgust in that Self and all man
Is His cleaver
To strike down
The false gods around Him
Track Name: Ferocity Of The Mind
Blinding sensations
Whirling consciousness
Imposing threat
Behold, the truth of
The mind’s ferocity
The boiling animosity drains
Into a consuming flood of malice
Nothing will survive
No control
No remorse
But a lifeless corpse
Dead at the hands of the truth
The hatred that lies within
Track Name: Scorned By The Wide-Eyed Lord
You have been erased
From my mind
The only mind that ever truly existed
Where you once stood, Nothingness consumes
The fury of your dark locks
Once so beautiful and mine
Are now dust that blows beyond the winds of time

You have been erased
Banished, doomed
To die in my deepest hole of regret
Where you once stood, Nothingness consumes
The anguish of your perfect teeth
Once so beautiful and mine
Are now bones buried beneath the eternal soil of time