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my day will come and i will be grateful

by Blattella

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released December 30, 2014




all rights reserved


Blattella South Carolina

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Track Name: autocannibal
My flesh has a taste like none other
The skin sliding down my throat is orgasmic
The flavour of my blood binds me
I am compelled
I can not resist
Within the week, my shell will be
In my stomach
I will eat myself to seize this urge
I will end this suffering
I will earn my place in hell
Nothing else will ease this pain
Death is absolute
This rotting flesh
In my stomach
Will fucking go to waste
Track Name: alvorlig skade
I lost too much blood
Gave too much
To people who never fucking mattered
Your end is nigh
And, so is mine
Our noose is on the same pine
Come hang with me
After we bathe in the wound
Of the love that we murdered
The love that I despise
The hate that I admire
I cannot stop myself
It runs from my veins in fear
The Only Hands
You'd never shed a fucking tear
Track Name: final release
Expelling my blood
Expelling my bowels
Expelling my bladder
Expelling my oxygen
Expelling my care
Expelling my life (x6)